The mountain lodge at night illuminated by lights near the natural park of Stelvio Mountain lodge on an idyllic snow-covered landscape Reflection on window in a typical traditional wooden house Interior of a suite in the mountain lodge Sunny Valley at night illuminates the heart of the Stelvio National Park Luxury spa in Sunny Valley near Santa Caterina ValfurvaThe mountain lodge during the day with a few skiers next to it

Sunny Valley Kelo Mountain Lodge

Sunny Valley Kelo Mountain Lodge is in sun-drenched Valle dell’Alpe, located at 2700 metres of altitude, between Santa Caterina Valfurva and the top of Mount Sobretta.

The beauty of these mountains is reflected throughout the lodge, which is completely constructed in local stone and Lapland fir trees. The lodge is visible only when the cable car tops the Sobretta crest, and then the expanse of scenery in front of you will take your breath away: a valley that is all white in winter and green in summer, surrounded by rocky peaks alternating with the year-round ice that carved their shapes. It is right there, in the centre of this valley, where you will find everything you need: hospitality, a cordial setting, relaxation, sports, wellness and wild, uncontaminated nature: you are in the heart of the largest national park in Europe, the Stelvio National Park.

At Sunny Valley Mountain Lodge, your dreams will become an enchanting reality.


A stay at Sunny Valley Mountain Lodge will allow you to live emotions in every moment through the colours, scents, sensations and history of which all the surrounding nature is witness.